Sound and effective corporate governance is essential to our long-term success and critical to effective, efficient and prudent operation of the company.

Corporate governance means having the appropriate processes and structures in place to ensure that our business is managed in the best interest of shareholders while keeping in mind the interests of all stakeholders.

Our corporate governance practices are designed to ensure the independence of our Board of Directors, enabling them to effectively supervise the management of the Company. Board independence ensures that Methanex is managed for the long-term benefit of our shareholders and other major stakeholders.

More information on our corporate governance practices can be found in our Information Circular (PDF 626 KB) and the Chair's Message on Corporate Governance contained in our 2019 Annual Report (PDF 1 MB).

Board, Employee and Shareholder Alignment

We believe the alignment of Board members and management with shareholder interests promotes good corporate governance.

Share ownership requirements for the Board and executive officers are as follows:

  • Directors to own shares valued at 300 per cent of their total annual retainer to be reached within 5 years from their date of appointment.
  • President and CEO to own shares valued at 500 per cent of annual base salary
  • Other executive officers to own shares valued at 300 per cent of annual base salary

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct provides employees and directors with a set of standards to help them avoid wrongdoing and to promote honest and ethical behaviour while conducting the Company's business. It also provides a confidential "whistle-blower" hotline for reporting suspected violations of the Code.

Methanex Code of Business Conduct Policy (PDF 131 KB)


We recognize the importance of diversity, including gender diversity, at all levels of the Company including the Board and the executive team.

Methanex Diversity Policy (PDF 47 KB)