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Methanex Trinidad shows Care to Health Care Workers

Many of these health care workers are the families that Covid-19 infected persons have while in hospital isolation, they are the ears of the critically ill and the hands that are held on to during recovery. Whilst they are in this fight, their own families are at home experiencing their absence and are also taking the risk of infection as their loved ones brave the virus.

As a responsible care company, Methanex Trinidad Limited said thank you to members of the staff and their families at the South West Regional Health Authority for their dedication to our community during this challenging time. Care for our community remains a critical component of our business as we continue to adhere to the highest principles of health, safety, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility.

On Thursday, 27th May 2021, Methanex staff prepared and delivered twenty-five (25) care packages to health care workers at the Caroni County Medical Office in Couva. Packages included vitamins, KN95 facemasks, hand sanitizers and food items. At the handover, Primary Care Nurse – Nurse Morrika Julien expressed her gratitude to Methanex for the acknowledgement of “frontliners” and contribution to the Covid-19 fight. She noted that this type of assistance and show of appreciation helps to encourage the staff and to keep them motivated to pursue the fight against the deadly virus.

Methanex thanks the healthcare workers across Trinidad and Tobago for their continued work towards the recovery of our communities. Remember – the responsibility lies with each one of us to ensure that we reallocate the weight of this virus, tipping the scales to the side of safety. Let us all do our part and stay vigilant to stay safe.

Methanex Occupational Health Nurse Ms. Juliana Pierre distributes care packages to Senior District Medical Officer Dr. Sanjiv Parasram