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Company Update

Methanex Trinidad Ltd. wins 2021 Green Agenda Award

On Friday 19th November 2021, Methanex Trinidad Ltd. won the inaugural ‘Green Agenda Award’ at the Trinidad and Tobago’s (T&T) Chamber of Industry and Commerce’s 2021 Champions of Business Award Ceremony. This award, sponsored by the National Gas Company of T&T Ltd. (NGC), recognised the contribution and commitment that companies have been making towards (1) growing a greener future in business today and (2) delivering a new blueprint for business in the 21st Century. We were therefore selected as a company that demonstrates leadership in implementing energy efficiency strategies – all of which were rooted in projects that were conceptualised and implemented by the Methanex team.

Methanex Trinidad Ltd.’s Manager Commercial and Stakeholder Relations Ms. Leiselle Harripersad accepts Green Agenda Award from T&T National Gas Company Ltd.’s President Mr. Mark Loquan

Of significant importance, in September 2021, Methanex Trinidad Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the National Energy Corporation of T&T to provide a framework for both organizations to perform a joint feasibility study to explore the viability of using methanol as an alternative fuel for transport in T&T and the local region. This venture was the first of its kind and represents a public-private partnership to aid T&T in exploring and potentially defining pathways for reducing emissions in the transportation sector (vehicular and marine) – utilizing methanol which is already produced locally in abundance and currently exported.

President of National Energy Corporation of T&T Ltd. Dr. Vernon Paltoo with Managing Director of Methanex Trinidad Ltd. Mr. Colin Bain at the signing of the MOU

Also important to the criteria for winning the Green Agenda Award was metrics. All the initiatives listed must have had a measurable impact. One of which was the Methanex Corporate Utility Management Programme (CUMP). Launched in Trinidad in 2017 and implemented by utilizing office-based energy saving measures in administrative buildings, these measures included installation of remote monitoring thermostats and scheduling of air condition units based on building occupancy. To date, the Methanex Trinidad site has been able to reduce its energy consumption for the office buildings by ~15% which equates to a CO2 emission reduction of nearly 1,000 Tons over a three-year period. The second phase of this project has been kicked off and is expected to further reduce emissions by over 400 Tons annually. Additionally, in 2021, Methanex also embarked on an Off-Gas Piping Project to improve plant efficiency and reduce flared emissions. Via this initiative, the company’s CO2 emissions were further reduced by an estimated 3,600 Tons annually.

As a learning organization, facilitating “idea incubation” and providing opportunities for employees to realize more sustainable – “greener”- ways of operating is an ongoing part of the way we work. It’s also about incorporating sustainability in our everyday activities, encouraging each team member to be an advocate for sustainability and providing the space and resources for thought creation and innovation. Once such example was a recent employee activity – Restoration Station. This two-pronged competition encouraged recycling on both a team and family level.

Over the month of August 2021, employees recycled over 2,250 bags of plastic and paper products, participated in and shared over 10 “green” family activities and encouraged each other to get involved in conservation, however big or small, both at the office and at home. High participation and engagement in such events indicate our team’s commitment, to propel us forward as not only a learning but an evolving organization.

We have also historically encouraged and provided avenues for employees to consistently engage in recycling behaviors. Methanex Trinidad enables the recycling of 5 types of materials on a daily basis – paper, plastic, glass, aluminum cans and used oil, by providing recycling bins in strategic places throughout the site including heavy traffic areas such as kitchens and our Medical Center. We maintain a contract with a local recycling company to (1) remove these items from our compound regularly and (2) ensure these items are processed appropriately. Understanding that it’s what we consistently do that makes us successful in any venture whether at work or at home is critical to how we “show up” for sustainability.

Upon acceptance of the Green Agenda Award at the Chamber’s virtual Gala Ceremony, Trinidad’s Manager Commercial and Stakeholder Relations Ms. Leiselle Harripersad reminded the audience “that we all have a role as individuals in reducing our carbon footprint. We can all take steps, big or small, towards conservation, whether it be by turning off the lights when we leave a room; even using bicycles or walking instead of cars when we can. These are all things that we can do to help our environment and they are all within our reach. Understanding that we have the personal power to make good choices for the betterment of our environment and community is key to achieving our goals as a country. Together we can make a difference.”

Methanex Trinidad is centered on a thriving global culture based on trust, respect, integrity, and professionalism – values which fortify our business success and sustainability. It underpins the governance systems, processes and people that guide Methanex, and ensures we work in the best interests of our stakeholders. As we stay the course on our continuous improvement journey towards sustainability, the challenge is now to go beyond common practices and find new and innovative ways to carry out our business that assists in reducing our carbon footprint.

Moving forward, Methanex Trinidad intends to continue initiatives that educate on, and advocate for, sustainability and environmental restoration within the company, our fence line and national communities. We are proud recipients of the 2021 Green Agenda Award and remain committed to supporting the transition to a low carbon economy both locally and abroad.