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Company Update

Methanex China Receives Two Responsible Care® Awards and One OTP Best Practice Award from AICM

Chongqing, China, May 24, 2023 – Methanex China is pleased to have received two Responsible Care® Awards from the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers (AICM) during the 2023 China Responsible Care Conference in recognition of the company’s strong performance and contributions to sustainable development in the chemical industry.  

Methanex China received the 2023 Best Responsible Care Company Award for its outstanding performance and integration of Responsible Care perspectives over the past two years. Methanex also received the 2023 Responsible Care® Initiative AwardSocial Contribution Award. This award acknowledges Methanex’s extraordinary achievements in driving methanol fuel applications in China, which are contributing to decarbonization efforts and raising awareness of methanol as an alternative clean fuel, particularly in the marine industry, as well as in applications that include M100 vehicles, industrial boilers, kilns and cooking stoves.   

The purpose of the awards is not only to recognize member companies that have made outstanding achievements in practicing Responsible Care and promoting sustainable development of the chemical industry but also to show the contribution of the chemical industry for achieving a harmonious society and green development,” said Tina Dai, Executive Director of AICM. “This year, AICM launched six ‘best initiative’ awards in addition to the Best Responsible Company Award, and the Social Contribution Award is one of them. Only three companies out of 11 who applied won this Award. Methanex China ranks at the top level.”  

As a leader in the methanol industry, Methanex continues to strive to reduce GHG emissions from our operations and to play an active role in supporting society’s transition to a low-carbon economy. Methanex China successfully shared its methanol fuel applications stories with AICM member companies and its panel experts. They were impressed with the growing fuel applications in marine fuels, net-zero voyage, M100 vehicles, industrial boilers, kilns and cooking fuels. As a result of its long-term commitment to Responsible Care® in China, Methanex China was recognized with the Responsible Care® Merit Award in 2017, 2019 and 2021 consecutively. 

The conference was co-organized by AICM and China Petroleum and Chemical International Conference (CPCIF) and held in Chongqing, China. Jianning Zhang, President of Methanex China and Advisory Board member of AICM was honoured to be invited to grant awards to other multinational chemical companies and receive the two Responsible Care Awards for Methanex China. 

“We are delighted to see that Methanex China has been recognized by AICM for our Responsible Care® contributions to the industry and communities where we operate,” said Mr. Zhang. “It’s a great team effort to have achieved such a good track record in environment, health and safety, including policy development, advocating for regulations and advancing methanol fuel applications through pilots and demonstration projects.”   

Immediately following the AICM Responsible Care Conference, AICM held its annual general meeting on May 29 where Methanex China was awarded the Open-to-Public (OTP) Best Practice Award. The award recognizes the organization of a successful open house event in 2022 that aligned with the AICM’s “Chemistry Enables a Sustainable Future” theme while operating under public health restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Jasmine Ji, Responsible Care Coordinator for Methanex China, also won the individual contribution award from AICM for her invaluable contributions in support of Methanex China’s Responsible Care initiatives. 

About AICM
AICM was founded in 1988 and represents nearly 70 major multinational companies in the chemical industry of China, these companies’ businesses cover R&D, manufacture, transportation, distribution and disposal of chemicals. Five of those companies ranked World’s Top 10 Enterprises and 28 stood among World’s Top 50 Chemical Enterprises. 31 companies signed Responsible Care Global Charter initiated by ICCA. 

Over Years of development, AICM and these companies developed a shared vision: to contribute to the development of a harmonious society and the sustainable growth of China’s chemical industry, as the representation of the leading international chemical players in China, AICM commits to:

  • Promote Responsible Care and other globally recognized chemical management principles among all stakeholders; 
  • Advocate cost-effective, science- and risk-based policies to policymakers; 
  • Build up the contributive role of the chemical industry to the economy.