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Methanex in Shanghai celebrates China’s Help-the-Disabled Day with orienteering game

In recognition of Help-the-Disabled Day in China, Methanex in Shanghai partnered with Shanghai Xuhui Local University to sponsor a city wide orienteering game that brought the Methanex team and family together with hearing-impaired students to solve a series of puzzles around the city. China celebrated its 28th annual Help-the-Disabled Day this year, which is a day dedicated to improving the welfare of the disabled and disability prevention.

The Methanex team in Shanghai along with family members, and friends from the shipping broker Quincannon Asia Ltd. were paired with over 40 hearing-impaired students to create 11 teams.

An opportunity that arose during the game was learning how to communicate with hearing-impaired teammates. As no one knew how to communicate by sign language well, group members learned to communicate by typing on the phone and using body language. The team found that the ability to learn about and understand one another was heightened through goal oriented play and teams relied on laughter and compassion to overcome these communication barriers.

Shanghai Xuhui Local University expressed how this experience helped build students’ confidence and overcome shyness to embrace the teamwork.

To wrap up the event, each team shared their feelings and thoughts over the day. Everyone expressed warm and touching moments, amusing stories and inspiring plans for the future. For everyone involved that day, the game helped to break down barriers and build a deep understanding that many didn’t have before.