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Manufacturing Capability Specialist (Contractor Role)

Date Posted: October 22, 2023
Closing Date: November 16, 2023
Reports To: Manufacturing Capability Senior Consultant
Location: Cairo, Egypt
Duration: Contractor

Position Summary

The MFG Capability specialist role is focused on two main aspects:

  • Methanex Egypt Graduate training program covering recruitment (including assessment tools, data screening, logistics, and process), hiring, onboarding planning, and following up with the direct supervisor’s development progress feedback, performance, and challenges).
  • Competency management program: this includes procedures, administration, configuration of competency management systems, coordinating functional champions efforts, vendors, and consultants as well as keeping a database of associated training material, assessments, and related competency evidence

Position Responsibilities


  •  The job holder is responsible to support in the Methanex Egypt graduate program communication with internal stakeholders (Supervisors, managers and CLT).
  • Communication and administration candidate screening, evaluation data reporting and aligning relevant functional mangers and CLT.
  • Communication of the short-listed candidates, final selection and pre-hiring screening processes as well as communicating the manpower supply contactor of the approved salaries, benefits in coordination with Methanex Egypt HR.
  • Coordinate the onboarding plan with presenters, logistics (accommodation and transportation and well training venue).
  • Coordinate with graduates’ supervisors the development plans, performance, potential evaluation processes as well as any development areas.
  •  The job holder is accountable for Methanex Egypt competency management systems, communicating vendors, suppliers, consultants as well various functions champions, managers, and defined assessors.
  • Coordinating with functional champions of procedure development, reviews, and approvals.
  •  Coordinate with the champions skill matrices development including configuration of associated training, development tasks as well as any required configuration of the utilized systems or tools.
  • Coordination of the final alignment workshops on the system development and approval.
  • Coordination of the system operation cycles of employee self-assessment, assessor evaluation and verification (generating follow up reports, gap assessment reports and recommended functional or sub functional training and developmental tasks reports).
  • Following up on the system improvement cycle to modify and upgrade position profiles, skill matrixes as needed due to any plant, people MOC or approved improvements.


Graduates training program:

  •  Sourcing and coordinating for the learning and training interventions and opportunities that are identified by the Manufacturing Capability Manager.
  • Liaising with manpower supply company for the provision of generalist HR support to the graduates hires through them.
  • Coordinating the induction period for newly hired Graduates.
  • Supporting and contributing to the position requirements of the Manufacturing capability Manager:
  • Documenting and following up on identified potential learning outcomes for each placement area.
  • Ensuring the Program meets the requirements of the relevant professional institutions where applicable.
  • Educate, advise, and assist all placement and department managers in the implementation of the graduate program review processes and the completion of the supporting documentation.
  • Safe keeping and record management of the review process documentation.
  • Assist in monitoring that the graduate and mentor monitoring relationship is happening and serving its purpose.
  • Monitor and follow up on the developed Learning Plan for each Graduate Engineer (assist in keeping it life during each placement or solving any issues that may be a barrier to making it happen).
  • Assist the Manufacturing Capability manager in reviewing and  documenting the  progress and achievement of each Graduate.
  • Assist the Manufacturing Capability manager in reviewing and documenting the training and development program during its implementation and implement required corrections and learnings to be included in the future runs.
  • Ensure periodic performance evaluation and feedback communication cycle is effective and correction and developmental plans are in place.

Competency Management Program:

  • Facilitate and assist under the guidance of the Manufacturing capability Manger and HR supervisor with the deployment of and planning of the competency assurance programs.
  • Contribute and actively support the MFGCM in developing competency assurance program scope of work (including phasing the program on a three-year plan).
  • Under the direct supervision of the MFGCM & HR Supervisor takes an active role in the bidding invitation, evaluation, and selection process of competency assurance program service providers.
  • Modify and tailor agreed and required changes on the defined jobs competency assurance program to match with Methanol industry / technology needs.
  • Liaise with HR on updating the MFG team members Job descriptions according to the defined skill matrix defined for each specific job.
  • Coordinating with HR the induction period content for new hires with respect to the entry level in comparison to the skill matrix.
  • Liaise with HR on identifying the required training for each MFG member according to his defined skill matrix and competency level during the training need assessment cycle lead by HR.
  • Liaise with HR on Management of Change of people regarding defining the minimum required skill / competency level to mitigate the risk of HR MOC (promotion, job change or new hire) and applying the changes to the Competency management platform.

Position Qualifications

Required qualifications:

  • B.A. in Business Administration or Psychology
  • 4-5 years of experience in recruitment
  • Training and Development and Competency Assurance experience is a plus
  • Multinational Oil & Gas, service companies, or petrochemical experience is a plus.
  • Advanced English & Arabic language level is required

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