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Engineer, QA/QC

Date Posted: May 11, 2023
Closing Date: May 31, 2023
Reports To: Asset Integrity Superintendent
Location: Damietta
Duration: Full-time

Position Summary

Perform inspection daily/weekly/monthly/activities through structured inspection systems and procedures in safe and cost-effective manner. In order to assure the plant assets and facilities integrity   and reduce the likelihood of static equipment failure.

Position Responsibilities

  • Set and review ,with QA/QC Supervisor , the contractor scope of work (SOW), and RC requirements to guarantee work accomplished within approved company procedures, policies, and targets in a cost efficient way.
  • Train, and develop contractor individuals to fit in Emethanex Culture and have company accepted performance and competency level.
  • Provide contractors with proper tools, equipment, documents, and work instructions to guarantee all tasks performed as per company approved quality and safety standards in a timely and efficiently manner.
  • Ensure contractors utilizing proper and sufficient safety gears and working under company approved procedures to secure safe working environment and incident-free work place.
  • Enforce contractors’ attendance, positive participation, and engagement in all relevant company safety communication sessions and safety programs (TBT’s, training, campaigns, etc) to increase safety awareness to meet company targets and KPI’s.
  • Ensure all site activities hazards and proper risk assessment are addressed and delivered to contractors to ensure safely management of site activities along with site rules.
  • Monitor / Address contractor performance, initiate and implement corrective actions upon unsatisfactory performance to maintain meeting company targets and KPI’s.
  • Continuously review contractor man power organization and individuals’ competencies and performance to optimize man power count, utilization, and overtime while meeting company targets and KPI’s.
  • Review with QA/QC Supervisor the assets inspection programs, and directions in compliance with vendor recommendations, codes and standards, and company best practice to ensure cost effective inspection activities, assets integrity, and optimum asset life cycle cost while complying with all applied statutory, codes requirements.
  • Support in establishing and maintaining a risk based inspection “RBI” program for all Static Equipment to ensure its integrity and Fitness for service while keeping minimal Maintenance Activities and Reducing Equipment Downtime
  • Develop, Implement, and review with QA/QC Supervisor action plans to achieve inspection targets and KPI’s.
  • Identify required resources to implement inspection activities (planned and unplanned) – to meet company and maintenance department targets and KPI’s and emphasize effective resources consumption/utilization to secure optimum inspection cost.
  • Periodically review / update maintenance inspection and QA-QC procedures and follow up strict adherence to ensure safe and effective inspection maintenance activities.
  • Ensure all assets repair is planned / performed and tested according to accepted engineering standards and develop all required repair / welding / procedures and ITP’s.
  • Develop all maintenance inspection plans, activities, reports, findings, action tracking, and assets data / records are reported correctly through company CMMS (MAXIMO / RBI – upon reediness) to keep continuous and valid records for all assets.
  • Ensure effective assets performance measure system in place to address risks and identify opportunities for improvements (due inspections, due corrective actions, pressurized equipment or joint leaks, PSV’s test failures, etc.)
  • Prepare and execute plant shutdown and turnarounds maintenance inspection activity plans – in conjunction with Planning and QA/QC Supervisor – to meet company targets and KPI’s.
  • Ensure all assets are operating and performing within the design envelop, all excursions recorded and propose corrective actions accordingly.
  • Implement Emethanex Static Equipment Inspection Best Practices to prolong assets life reliably and cost effectively.
  • Confirm new and/or modified static equipment comply with company, regulatory design, engineering and inspection code requirements.
  • In conjunction with QA/QC Supervisor,  establish a procedures to control welding and fabrication operations and follow up its implementation.
  • Order needed QA/QC Codes, Standards, Software and Technical Bulletins.
  • Organize QA/QC Documentation, and Ensure Keeping Record for all Assets  Inspection Reports, Repairs and modifications,
  • Prepare all QA/QC Procedures needed for Inspection, new project, Repairs and Modifications.
  • Keep Records for Corrosion Monitoring, Analysis, and Prevention Program with emphases on Corrosion-Related Failure Investigations.
  • Follow up a cathodic protection monitoring program for tanks, pipelines and marine structures.
  • Follow up an inspection and execution plan to maintain plant assets coating systems.
  • Arrange with technical engineer to Identify Specifications and Selection of Material for new modifications, repairs, and new equipment and verification for the correct delivery.
  • In conjunction with technical engineer; Responsible for Material Classification and Upgrading, Inspecting and Accepting Delivered material and new fabrications.
  • In conjunction with QA/QC Supervisor , order, use, maintain, calibrate and certify all required inspection tools and equipment necessary to carry out day to day inspection activities with optimum accuracy and reliability.
  • Use Management of Change System (MOC) in all discipline activities improvements and modifications.
  • Participate in plant RCA / RCFA and insure effective action plans in place.
  • Share in HAZOP Studies for new projects and modifications.
  • Maintain effective and sustainable business relationship with technical department counterparts to support reaching assets integrity targets and clear out plant vulnerability issues.
  • Establish and maintain healthy relationship with vendors to achieve effective communication channels, secure On-Time support, and maintain competitive deals.
  • Follow and attend (as appropriate) Vendors / service providers periodic events and technical releases to track latest products, upgrades, and technologies and make use of lesson learnt from sister industries problems.
  • Act as EMethanex ambassador in terms of demonstrating company values and professionalism to maintain company image and reputation.
  • Directly Supervise the Outsourcing Service Providers / OEMs as required and ensure approved Engineering Standards Application to accomplish site activities as per company approved procedures and quality standards in a timely basis.
  • Deliver the required support for Multidiscipline activities on time to align overall progress plans.
  • Encouraging and building mutual trust, respect, and cooperation among team members. As Methanex core value and Developing constructive and cooperative working relationships with others, and maintaining them over time.
  • Support efficient spending of approved discipline budget to meet targets while optimizing cost.

Position Qualifications


  • At least 5 years experience in the area of Mechanical  QA/QC in Oil, Gas or Petrochemical Plants.
  • Proven experience in Methanol/Petrochemical or refinery plants in similar roles.
  • Proven experience with shutdowns/Turnarounds.


  • B.Sc. Engineering (Mechanical or Metallurgical).
  • Technical certifications in API (Min two certificates) & Certified as ASNT level 2 in UT, RT, PT,MPI are required.

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