Methanol is an essential ingredient used to produce hundreds of everyday industrial and consumer items. It is also a clean-burning, cost-competitive alternative fuel.

What is methanol?

Methanol is an essential chemical building block for countless products that enhance our quality of life. For more than 100 years, methanol has been safely shipped, handled and used in a variety of applications around the world – including the essential medical supplies and personal protective equipment used in the fight against COVID-19.

Chemical end uses

Methanol is an essential chemical building block for other chemical derivatives that go into hundreds of consumer and industrial products, including sustainable and high-tech products such as construction materials, clothing and textiles, wind turbines, solar panels and plastics that make cars lighter.

Energy-related end uses

A cleaner-burning fuel, methanol can help improve local air quality by reducing emissions. As it can be made from renewable sources, methanol fuel can also help society achieve its decarbonization goals. As a liquid fuel, methanol is used today to power industrial boilers, cooking stoves, cars, buses, trucks and ships that transport people and goods around the world. 


Methanol FAQ (PDF)