We follow best environmental practices in all aspects of methanol production and distribution. We promote this ethic with our customers, distributors, partners, employees and other stakeholders.

Minimizing our environmental impact

We strive to lessen the environmental impact of our operations, by reducing our use of natural resources and energy and by minimizing the production of waste and emissions. All Methanex production facilities have environmental management systems in place that are designed to minimize the environmental impact of our operations, drive continuous improvement, comply with regulatory requirements and engage stakeholders for ongoing feedback.


Our operations generate emissions both when fuel is consumed during the methanol production process and when we ship methanol to our customers worldwide. We continually strive to increase the energy efficiency of our plants and optimize our product distribution networks to reduce energy use and minimize emissions. The amount of emissions generated by the methanol production process depends on the production technology and, often, the age of the manufacturing facility. The reliability of our production facilities and production processes are the primary focus areas for us to ensure our emissions are minimized.

Water management

Water is a valuable and shared natural resource used in the production of methanol. One of our priorities is to use water efficiently and ensure that wastewater discharges comply with regulations and company standards.

To protect water quality, all wastewater from our operations is treated and analyzed before it is discharged in accordance with regulations. Methanex sets a strict internal target for our discharge limits to give us advance warning of any potential issues with wastewater management systems.

Waste management

We strive to be efficient in our use of natural resources and materials and to recycle or reuse waste wherever possible to minimize the waste sent to landfills. Each Methanex location monitors the volumes of waste generated and diverted from disposal. Any waste generated is stored appropriately and disposed of by qualified waste management companies.