G3: An industry-leading methanol plant with lower emissions intensity

The Geismar 3 (G3) project, budgeted at $1.25-1.3 billion, is adjacent to our existing G1 and G2 plants, with shared infrastructure that creates material capital and operating cost advantages. G3 will be one of our lowest cost plants with one of the lowest CO₂ emissions intensity profiles in the industry by utilizing excess hydrogen from the G1 and G2 steam reforming plants coupled with access to abundant and low-cost natural gas.

Once commissioned, the G3 facility will be capable of producing 1.8 million tonnes of methanol per year. Combined with the G1 and G2 plants, our three Methanex plants in Geismar will represent one of the largest methanol complexes in the world.

G3 is a highly advantaged project that will strengthen our asset portfolio given its location, access to abundant natural gas and lower cost structure - and will further solidify our position as the world’s largest methanol supplier.

G3 is scheduled to begin commercial operations by the end of 2023.