At Methanex, we believe that having a diverse team and an inclusive workplace creates a better culture, better decision making and a better company.

Developing an even more inclusive culture

To successfully leverage the benefits of a diverse workforce, we recognize that an inclusive culture is crucial to attract and retain the best talent, enhance engagement, foster innovation, and ultimately strengthen our overall company performance. That is why Diversity and Inclusion “D&I” was identified as one of our top ESG focus areas and a critical enabler of our Vision 2030.

We developed a D&I vision, guiding principles and strategic priorities along with a three-year roadmap to promote an inclusive culture where diversity is valued and everyone can contribute, develop and advance.


Our vision is to have an inclusive culture where diversity is valued, differences are embraced and everyone has the opportunity to contribute, develop and advance.


  1. We are committed to building an inclusive organization where everyone feels safe, respected and valued as their unique self.

  2. We are committed to a diverse organization that values different perspectives, backgrounds, skills and abilities.

  3. We are committed to fair and unbiased people practices that are transparent and consistently applied.


Strategic Priorities

  1. Embed inclusive behaviours into Methanex's culture.

  2. Build leadership commitment and accountability to D&I.

  3. Enhance the fairness, transparency and inclusiveness of people practices.

We will be intentional in our actions today, build accountability in all of us and measure our progress regularly. We firmly believe that celebrating and embracing diversity and ensuring all our team members are valued and feel a sense of belonging is essential to Methanex’s long-term success.

Read our Corporate Diversity & Inclusion Policy and our Board Diversity Policy to learn more about our commitment to D&I.