We strive to be a respected and valued corporate citizen by creating positive and sustainable impacts in the communities where we operate.

Building and maintaining our community relationships is essential to our social licence to operate. Our Stakeholder Relations Policy defines our goals to build positive relationships in the communities where we have significant presence, and to be accountable and responsive to the public.

We actively engage in community dialogue through stakeholder associations and networks; public meetings and forums; collaborative community projects and initiatives; community seminars, conferences, presentations, emergency planning meetings; and neighbourhood and public meetings.

In addition, we have established Community Advisory Panels (CAPs) at our manufacturing locations to promote communication between Methanex and our fence-line communities. These CAPs provide a valuable forum for open and honest communications.

For more information about our community engagement efforts around the world, see our regional community pages.

Investing in our communities

Methanol is an essential part of everyday life and our operations have positive impacts in the communities where we do business. In addition, we regularly invest in supporting and building healthy communities that are great places to live and work.

Our community investments include partnering with employees through a matching grants program; financial assistance for health, safety and environmental initiatives; and support for regional educational development and scholarships.

For more information about our community investments around the world, please see our global locations community pages.


Each of our global teams make investments and generously volunteer their time each year to help meet needs and support valuable projects in their communities.

In 2021, Methanex donated $1.3 million and more than 4,000 hours of employee time to community efforts around the world.

Information on our 2021 community investments and volunteering can be found in our annual Sustainability Report.

Social Responsibility Investment Criteria

Methanex's social responsibility programs allow the company and our employees to contribute to local communities in ways that are aligned with our core values and business strategy. Methanex has three areas of focus for our social responsibility initiatives:

  • Partnership with Employees

    Methanex partners with employees who contribute financially or as volunteers to organizations within their community. This partnership can be in the form of matching financial donations, providing corporate support for fundraising opportunities, or coordinating volunteer events at which other Methanex employees can participate.
  • Responsible Care

    Initiatives in this area include community outreach activities and programs related to health, safety and environmental initiatives.
  • Education

    Scholarships are a vital part of Methanex's social responsibility program. We provide undergraduate and graduate scholarships, co-op opportunities and summer employment to students who are pursuing studies in engineering, environmental studies, marketing, public affairs and international business. Funding academic research in areas aligned with our business is also an important part of our education portfolio.

For information on how you can apply for funding, please see our global locations community pages.