Students Embrace Environmental Care

In just a few weeks from April 27 to June 6, 2015, eight primary schools in central Trinidad participating in Methanex’s Eco-Heroes’ Plasti-thon collected 271,000 plastic bottles from their local communities. In return, Methanex donated TT $1.00 ($0.16 USD) for each bottle collected to a maximum of TT $18,000 ($3,000 USD) per school, to be used for library upgrades and other literacy initiatives. In total, TT $144,000 ($23,000 USD) was donated to all eight schools and the bottles collected were sent for recycling. 

As a Responsible Care ® Company, Methanex employees around the globe volunteer their time to help create positive and sustainable impacts in the communities where we live and work.  Investing and building healthy communities that are great places to live and work, are key to building and maintaining community relationships that are essential to our social license to operate.
By partnering with local primary students in the Eco-Heroes initiative, Methanex helped educate and create a culture of environmental consciousness, empowering youth to make a difference in their communities, and for the future of our planet. Through interactive sessions, students learned about the environmental dangers of the mismanagement of plastic waste and the importance of proper waste segregation and recycling. Knowledge they can then bring back to their families and implement at home. 

Congratulations to all participating students for surpassing your individual schools’ target of 18,000 bottles by 100 percent!

Learn more about this year’s Eco-Heroes initiative in the video below and in the latest issue of Momentum.

Eco Heroes 2015 from Methanex Corporation on Vimeo.