RC Barge Seminar Hosted by Methanex in Nanjing

As one of the key aspects of Responsible Care®, storage and transportation safety are highly important to Methanex and our stakeholders in the whole value chain. In response to the implementation of Protection Law of the Yangtze River, which is effective since March 1st, Methanex China successfully hosted a Responsible Care® Barge Safety Seminar in Nanjing on June 24th, 2021 aiming at enhancing the awareness of barge owners and users about environment protection alongside the Yangtze River. Overall 64 participants came from 32 organizations in the whole value chain of methanol and similar liquid chemical transportation industry.

During the Seminar, Methanex shared the best practice on ship inspection and selection. It covers a tailor-made barge review guideline and questionnaires developed for local use properly, which is based on outstanding safety performance and experiences of WFS (Waterfront Shipping company). The guideline specifically highlighted the importance of understanding not only the crew’s knowledge about chemical safety, but also the importance of their wellness condition. That is regarded as a critical factor linking with their daily behavior and operation. In addition, the Dangerous Goods Management and Pollution Prevention Department of Jiangsu Maritime Safety Administration introduced the policy on barge safety control and a recommended ship selection standard. Furthermore, Methanex invited guest speakers from Methanol Institute (MI), SGS, Oil Tanking Nanjing (OTN) and Dräger to share their best practice and understanding on methanol safe handling, as well as the future development of methanol as a marine fuel.

The Seminar further enhanced the safety awareness of the transport and storage for the barge companies and other key stakeholders in the value chain. Positive feedback from the audience are as below:

- “Several suggestion and guidance are constructive and quite helpful to our operation.”

- “The barge review mechanism shared by Methanex throws light on us for a better implementation.”

- “It enhances our safety awareness and drives us to recognize the inadequacy of my daily work so further improvement could be made."

- "I have a deeper understanding of Responsible Care® now and learn about new methanol applications, for example, it can be used as a marine fuel and it’s good for environmental protection."

- "I’m delighted to capture the key points of the barge vetting and the requirements for high-quality barge selection. This is a direct help to our business."...

Together with customers, distributors, service providers and all stakeholders, Methanex keeps moving in the journey of enhancing Responsible Care® from helping raise RC awareness towards RC commitment for a sustainable future of our industry.