Methanex Lights Up Social Activity “BE YOUR EYES”

On June 25th, 2021, Methanex launched a social responsible activity in Shanghai, Be Your Eyes, and worked in collaboration with a social welfare organization Lan Jing Ling (Blue Spirits). More than 20 employees of Methanex and its partners actively engaged and interacted with several visually impaired people.

After a vivid sharing delivered by the Lan Jing Ling trainer, the participants engaged in a lot of fusion exercises to simulate and experience the obstacles and problems in front of the visually impaired people, for a better understanding on barrier-free concept in daily life.

It is a part of long-term social responsibility undertaken by Methanex, reflecting the good will of treating others equally and enjoying the sports for the joiners. Moreover, the inclusive activities not only enhanced team spirit through mutual help, but also promoted gratitude to each other. Meanwhile, it also built up the patience of the staff and shaped the courage and wisdom of every participant. More importantly, the event matched well with the company's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) policy.