Methanex supports Greening the Alberta Winter Games

On February 16, the 2016 Alberta Winter Games came to a close, marking the end to the highly anticipated multi-sporting event for youth. As the final medal ceremony concluded and the hundreds of athletes, coaches, volunteers, and spectators began heading home, Methanex Medicine was able to look back with pride at the role we played in “Greening the Games.”

The Alberta Winter Games take place every two years in different cities around the Canadian province. At each of the Games, about 2,000 athletes up to the age of 17 compete in 22 different sports ranging from alpine skiing and curling to volleyball and artistic gymnastics. The Games aim to showcase the sporting talents of Albertans and to provide host communities with a legacy of upgraded sporting facilities.

This year, the Methanex Medicine Hat team provided sponsorship that supported Greening the Games, an environmental sustainability initiative.

Recognizing that a large-scale event involving a massive influx of people into one community can have a significant impact on the environment, Greening the Games aimed to:

  • Reduce waste—Recycling and waste bins at every event encouraged spectators to sort their waste
  • Conserve water—Re-usable water bottles with the Methanex logo were given to all athletes and hydration stations were set up at every event location for people to use free of charge
  • Reduce emissions—Buses shuttled athletes, coaches, chaperones, and officials to each event location, and spectators were encouraged to take mass transportation to and from events

“Care and consideration of the environment is an important component of Methanex’s operations,” said Jody Magill, Government and Public Affairs manager. “Greening the Games had an immediate and beneficial impact on our community and it will leave a lasting legacy as a standard for other large events in our community.”