As the world leader in methanol, we are dedicated to exploring new and exciting applications for methanol to provide solutions for the world's energy needs.

Methanol as a Marine Fuel

Methanol is a clean-burning marine fuel that can cost-effectively meet the shipping industry’s increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Since 2016, Methanex’s Waterfront Shipping, has invested in 11 medium range methanol-powered ocean tankers. The latest vessels use MAN’s second generation, fuel efficient, ME-LGI dual-fuel engines that can run on methanol or traditional marine fuels and can achieve Tier III NOx standards by running on methanol without expensive after-treatment. Learn more about methanol marine fuel developments.

Supporting Growth of Methanol Vehicles in China

In 2019, eight ministries in China jointly published a document endorsing the nationwide development and introduction of methanol vehicles. Guidelines to Promote Methanol Vehicles in Some Parts of China promotes the development of M100 (100% methanol) vehicles, M100 filling stations, and relevant standards. As the first document of its kind published by the government in China, this endorsement is enabling the growth of M100 vehicles in China.  
Methanex has been working with automobile manufacturer Geely and other partners in China to support the commercialization of M100 (100% methanol) vehicles in China. We are actively involved in the development of relative standards, pilot projects, and sharing of Responsible Care practices.

Methanol as an Industrial Boiler Fuel in China

With the Chinese government’s emphasis on protecting the environment and improving air quality, small coal-fired boilers are being changed to burn cleaner fuels, and methanol is proving to be a promising alternative fuel in this sector. 
In 2017, we collaborated on an industrial boiler demonstration project (a collaboration between Methanex, Jinjingda Environmental Thermotechnical Co., Ltd., Beijing Sinder-Vet Technology Co., Ltd., and the China Association of Alcohol and Ether Clean Fuel and Automobiles) in China, which delivered positive results based on tests performed by the local environmental protection bureau. 

Developing renewable methanol: Carbon Recycling International

Methanex is a key shareholder (with board representation) in Carbon Recycling International (CRI), which operates a plant in Iceland that converts renewable electricity and recycled CO2 emissions into renewable methanol marketed in Europe as Vulcanol. Vulcanol is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system (ISCC) as an advanced, renewable, ultra-low-carbon transport fuel with at least 90% lower CO2 emissions than conventional fuels.  
Methanex and CRI strive to collaborate on projects based on CRI’s emissions-to-liquid technology by leveraging Methanex’s operational experience and global reach and CRI’s unique expertise in the production of renewable methanol. Methanex also supports CRI in its development of health, safety, and environmental management systems to enable the company’s continued sustainable growth.

Learn more about CRI and renewable methanol.