As the world leader in methanol, we are dedicated to exploring new and exciting applications for methanol to provide solutions for the world's energy needs.

Stena Germanica

Methanol as a marine fuel

Methanol is a clean-burning marine fuel that can cost-effectively meet the shipping industry’s increasingly stringent emissions regulations. Interest in methanol marine fuel is growing globally and methanol is being used in a number of projects and commercial activities around the world. Methanex’s wholly owned subsidiary, Waterfront Shipping, has invested in eleven new ships with more efficient design features that can run on methanol, resulting in lower emissions than engines burning conventional fuel. Seven of the ships joined our fleet in 2016 and use MAN ME-LGI dual-fuel engines that can run on methanol, heavy fuel oil, marine diesel oil or marine gas oil. The remaining four will join our fleet in 2019. Learn more about methanol marine fuel developments.

Methanex and Coogee Energy: Methanol fuel-blending in Australia

We have partnered with Coogee Energy to commercialize methanol fuels in Australia. A diverse group of stakeholders and experts have conducted critical development and validation tests showing that methanol-blended fuels are technically sound and provide economic and emissions benefits when blended with traditional gasoline and ethanol.

View this video on Coogee Energy

Sponsoring GEM fuels in the World Rally Championship

We are a co-sponsor of Gasoline-Ethanol-Methanol (GEM) fuel-powered cars in the World Rally Championship race series in Europe held each year from spring to late fall. These events highlight methanol fuels as practical and high-performing alternative fuels. As well, renewable methanol is used in this event to showcase the potential for renewable methanol-based fuels in transportation.

View a video on GEM fuel and the World Rally Championship race series.

Developing renewable methanol: Carbon Recycling International

In 2013, we made an investment in Carbon Recycling International (CRI), a privately held company based in Reykjavik, Iceland. CRI operates the world's first renewable methanol plant, which uses emissions-to-liquids (ETL) technology that enables cost-effective conversion of renewable energy to renewable methanol.

CRI markets renewable methanol under the Vulcanol brand in Europe, where it is blended with gasoline and used to produce biodiesel. Vulcanol is certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification system as an ultra-low carbon advanced renewable transport fuel with no biogenic footprint. CRI's goal is to establish projects based on its ETL technology to expand the use of methanol-blended fuels in Europe and worldwide.

Learn more about CRI and renewable methanol.