Methanex continues to seek value-add opportunities to grow our production capacity and maintain our position as the global methanol leader.

As the global leader in methanol, our ability to swiftly create and capitalize on opportunities in the marketplace and quickly adapt and respond to our customers’ needs is part of our key differentiator – The Power of Agility®.

We continue to look for opportunities to grow our business and expand our operations. In the last several years we have been focused on growing the company’s production capacity through disciplined and highly value accretive investments in low-risk jurisdictions.  Since 2011 we have invested approximately $1.7 billion to restart, refurbish, expand or relocate existing assets to underpin their operating capability for years to come.  As a result, our share of 2017 methanol production was 7.2 million tonnes, double the 3.5 million tonnes achieved in 2010.  This production growth positions Methanex well to capture the benefit of growing methanol demand. We are also optimistic that our underutilized 1.7 million tonne Chile facilities represent a very low capital cost growth opportunity due to significant progress in developing natural gas reserves in the area.