We built our first plant in the región of Magallanes over 30 years ago. From then on, we have been contributing to the development of Chile and its southernmost region focusing our community initiatives on: Safety, Education, Inclusion, Energy and Environment.




Safety is one Methanex´s core values. We adopt all the necessary measures to prevent accidents and protect health and safety within the framework of the chemical industry’s Responsible Conduct® management system.

We continually promote these safety practices among our employees, contractors and customers. We also promote a culture of safety and prevention within the Punta Arenas community.


We actively collaborate to improve the quality of education, particularly technical education and its links, as an engine for the social and economic development of Magallanes.

We maintain a continuous collaboration with the local technical schools and colleges as with the University of Magallanes with whom we carry out courses, trainings, internships, practices, innovation projects and other initiatives.


We maintain a deep commitment to people in situations of disability, collaborating with various regional institutions for many years. We have a job inclusion program through professional practices that have allowed us to develop the social and technical skills of our beneficiaries and ours, as individuals and as Methanex employees.

We also actively participate every year in the local Telethon, known as the "Jornadas por la Rehabilitación de Magallanes".

Energy and Environment

We support initiatives aimed at energy efficiency and the promotion of new, more environmentally friendly energy sources. Methanex's production facilities have environmental management systems designed to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and drive continuous improvement in our performance.


Community Involvement

For more than 15 years we have had a Community Advisory Panel made up of neighbors involved with different social and community organizations that help us listen and understand the challenges of the community and align our company’s contribution.

In the face of the COVID-19 crisis, we made available to the community our economic and professional resources, as well as our international networks and experience, to help combat the pandemic and its side effects. After listening to the Advisory Panel and our employees, we decided to focus initial help on the provision of personal protective equipment for the Hospital and other critical services.

We raised money for food boxes, especially for families that have members with disabilities; and are currently promoting other aid.

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