Almost 30 years after producing the first drop of methanol, our Social Responsibility activities are aimed at sustainably and favorably contributing to community development in the Region of Magallanes.

Therefore, our Social Responsibility work is structured on 4 action pillars.



Since we arrived in the region, Education support actions have been an essential pillar of our relationship with the community, because improving this aspect represents a basic drive for social and economic development of the Region of Magallanes.

Among the most important activities regarding this pillar, we grant scholarships to outstanding students in two of the main educational entities in the region, such as Universidad de Magallanes and Inacap. In addition, as we are interested in impelling Technical-Professional education, we renewed our collaboration with ONG Canales, among other initiatives.


Contributing to help disabled people to develop their capacities and turn our company into a suitable place for apprenticeship and labor inclusion, are the main pillars of our activities regarding this field.

Because of the incorporation in our plant of students from the Work Training Center called León Humberto Seguel, we have been invited to share our Labor Inclusion experience in important government instances both at a regional and national level. 



Every Methanex production facilities have implemented environmental management systems that are designed to minimize our operations’ environmental impact, encourage continuous improvement, fulfill regulatory requirements and commit our stakeholders to obtain continuous feedback.

In turn, we actively support regional activities regarding these issues and represent a management pillar in the Social Responsibility field.



For more than 15 years, the Panel Asesor de la Comunidad (PAC) (Community Adviser Panel) has been our main link to the Community of Magallanes. Formed up by several local representatives, this encounter space has been a path to keep permanent dialogue on issues that are relevant to the community and the activities of our company in the region.

Additionally, the PAC members have sponsored several charity organizations belonging to the civil society to support activities aimed at contributing economic resources to vulnerable sectors in the Region of Magallanes.

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