Methanex strives to be a respected and valued corporate citizen by creating positive and sustainable impacts in Medicine Hat and the surrounding communities. Through meaningful dialogue and collaboration, we look to understand the community's specific needs and develop relationships and offer programs that support social, environmental, and economic issues. 

Investing in our Community 

Methanex regularly invests in supporting and building healthy communities that are great places to live and work. Between 2012 and 2020Methanex Medicine Hat contributed approximately CAD$1.1 million in social responsibility investments, benefitting nearly 90 charitable and not-for-profit organizations or initiatives in the local community.

Applying for Funding

For detailed information about our Responsible Care Community Investment Program, or to apply for funding, please download our Social Responsibility Investment Program Application (PDF - 280 KB).

Methanex accepts applications at any time. All requests are reviewed by the Stakeholder Relations department. Additional information may be requested.

Responsible Care Community Investment Program

Through the Responsible Care Community Investment Program, Methanex invests in initiatives that support health and safety, environment, and community sustainability.

When COVID-19 restrictions were implemented in the first part of 2020, Methanex stepped up to help by launching a community-wide fundraiser for the Medicine Hat & District Food Bank, with up to $10,000 matched by the company. The campaign raised over $31,000. 

Following the 2020 turnaround, Methanex donated excess COVID-19 safeguards, including hand sanitizer stands and product and plexiglass dividers, to local businesses to help them protect their workers and the public.

Methanex also invested funds from product recycled during the 2020 turnaround back into the local community. Methanex’s $10,000 donation to the Medicine Hat Fire Service went towards the purchase of an Attack™ Digital Fire Training System, an interactive system that simulates smoke and fire, is more environmentally friendly than traditional training methods, and reduces firefighter exposure to potential carcinogens.

Methanex also contributes to initiatives that support the health and mental well-being of individuals in the community. Methanex contributed $10,000 to the Medicine Hat & District Health Foundation’s Giving Hope for Mental Health campaign in 2021, with all funds raised going to enhancing resources and creating safer spaces for individuals accessing mental health resources in our community.

Partnering with Employees Program

Through the Partnership with Employees Program, Methanex encourages employees to volunteer in the community and to raise money for charitable initiatives and/or non-profit organizations.

Methanex employees annually organize and lead a workplace fundraising campaign for the United Way of South Eastern Alberta, with Methanex matching all funds raised. To date, this campaign has raised over $375,000 for the United Way of South Eastern Alberta.

Advancing Education

Scholarships support students on their education path as well as the recruitment of potential future candidates for employment. Methanex's scholarships and student awards are established in areas of study that relate to our business functions, including power engineering and chemical, mechanical, material, and electrical engineering. Methanex currently funds student awards at Medicine Hat College, the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT), and the University of Alberta.

In addition, Methanex has opportunities for student summer internships and co-op work terms and actively supports the advancement of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education, including through participation in Operation Minera, an annual mentorship program for grade 9 girls organized by the Praxis Science Outreach Society.

Community Outreach

We consistently work to understand community interests, communicate information about our product and business activities, and address any community concerns. We do this primarily through Community Advisory Panels, as well as stakeholder associations, open house days, community projects, seminars, community surveys, and public meetings.

Methanex Medicine Hat Community Advisory Panel 

Our Community Advisory Panel (CAP) is a vital link to our local communities and a conduit for feedback and information sharing. Our CAP includes individuals from Medicine Hat who have the background and expertise to assist Methanex in obtaining a broader understanding of the needs and concerns of the general public, especially at the community level. Panel members have diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

The CAP meets five times a year to review and discuss our facility's operations, including the environment, safety, emergency preparedness, social responsibility investments, community involvement, and any other focus areas. CAP members are encouraged to share the information with their community contacts.

If you are interested in applying to join the Community Advisory Panel, please contact Danielle Semrau-McLean, Stakeholder Relations Advisor, at

* Members must be from Medicine Hat or the surrounding communities (ie. Redcliff, Cypress County, Dunmore).

Methanex Medicine Hat CAP
(September 2021 - May 2022) 

Chris Christie
Jeff Dutton
Jeff Marquis
Selena McLean-Moore
David Restoule
Karen Saffran
Tracy Stroud
Ian Turner

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