Methanex is the global industry leader and well-positioned to capitalize on market recovery.

  • Global methanol leader

    Global industry leader with leading market share, global production footprint and integrated global supply chain that enables us to be the supplier of choice to customers around the world.
  • Long-term industry outlook remains positive

    Essential ingredient used in a variety of chemical derivatives and serves as a building block to produce a multitude of everyday consumer and industrial items. Also used in an increasing number of energy-related applications and as a clean-burning and economic alternative fuel.
  • Strong cash flow generation and shareholder returns

    Assets well positioned on industry cost curve to be competitive through the methanol price cycle. Significant cash flow potential driven by leverage to methanol prices. Returned $1.9 billion to shareholders since January 1, 2013.
  • Growth potential

    Unique growth opportunities in Louisiana allowing Methanex to increase production capacity at advantaged capital costs when conditions improve.