Maintenance Superintendent

Date Posted: September 23, 2021
Reports To: Maintenance Manager
Duration: Permanent

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Position Summary

Oversees and leads the maintenance execution teams at the Methanex USA LLC production facilities in a cost-effective manner, ensuring the safety of personnel, protection of the environment and the reliability and availability of plant to achieve production targets.

Provides direction and leadership to the Static Equipment, Rotating Equipment, I&E and Services teams in the execution of work, implementation and monitoring of best practices and company standards, maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of all maintenance resources during normal operation, planned turnarounds, unplanned outages and major maintenance projects.

Position Responsibilities

  • Effectively manages the budget and the execution schedule of the Maintenance Team.
  • Effectively executes capital project work that is assigned to the Maintenance Department.
  • Ensures all work is completed safely and cost effectively to achieve the required quality and schedule.
  • Leads the team during shutdown and turnaround work within the plant area.
  • Manages unplanned breakdowns, ensuring appropriate planning and controls are incorporated into each event.
  • Manages mechanical maintenance contracts and contractor relationships.
  • Manages the facilities associated with the Maintenance group.
  • Responds to Operations priorities to minimize production loss.
  • Ensures that all maintenance work is planned and scheduled according to the site prioritization system.
  • Ensures there is effective integration with the other Supervisors and other groups of the Maintenance Department.
  • In conjunction with the Reliability and Maintenance Engineers, develops and optimizes the maintenance program to meet plant availability requirements.
  • Ensure soft craft contractors are meeting needs and maintain effective control over scaffold errection/dismantling.
  • Manages the assigned budget ensuring appropriate financial controls.
  • Ensures that technical skills within the area are at a level consistent with top quartile performance in the methanol industry.
  • Ensures that all plant maintenance is implemented in accordance with Methanex standards and Best Practices and are in compliance with all relevant USA legislation.
  • Ensures that all Plant Changes are implemented in accordance with the applicable Methanex Management of Change procedures.
  • Identifies continuous improvement opportunities to drive down the unit cost of maintenance and/or minimize overall risk of harm to people, harm to the environment or loss prevention and communicates these to the responsible person.
  • Ensures a three-year plan and annual Major Maintenance budget.
  • Works with key stakeholders to ensure the Major Maintenance plan for the following year is developed by the end of August and submitted for budget approval.
  • The Major Maintenance plan is established, reviewed and updated.
  • Progress of work against the plan and cost is monitored and reported back to the Maintenance Management Team.
  • Manages the turnaround job list and turnaround execution.
  • Works with key stake holders to ensure that turnaround requirements, e.g., statutory and capital, are captured and included in the turnaround plan.
  • Helping to identify critical path activity and long lead items are identified and ordered at appropriate time.
  • High degree of certainty of likely turnaround costs, resource requirements and schedule.
  • Assigned proper resources to the tasks (Worklist) associated to the turnarounds.
  • Ensures systems are established that enable effective and timely mobilization of resources to respond to unplanned plant outages.
  • Works with other departments to ensure that one plan is developed for entire event (from shutdown to full rates).
  • Aggressive position taken to eliminate risk to plant when opportunities arise.
  • Critical path activity is identified, and other activities are agreed and executed to maximize opportunity of unplanned outage.
  • Mean time to repair (mean down time) is minimized due to timely mobilization of resources to execute effective repairs to plant as required.
  • Provide timely updates and reports to the Site Leadership Team.
  • Regularly communicates progress/issues associated with the execution groups. Communication of progress/issues to the Maintenance Manager and other key stakeholders.
  • Regular communication updates of progress (Cost/Budget and Progress/Schedule) and issues.
  • Maintains good and regular communications with contractor companies to ensure timely feedback regarding progress and performance.
  • Regularly attends the Schedule Update meetings and works with the Planning and Scheduling group to ensure effectiveness.
  • Improved individual and organizational performance through coaching for success.
  • Provides effective leadership to Maintenance Team.
  • Contributes to the success of the Maintenance Management Team and Department.  
  • Acts as Key Contact for assigned Contractor Services.
  • Ensure employee and contractor compliance with Methanex policies, procedures and applicable standards.
  • Ensure implementation of and compliance with all Methanex HR policies and procedures, including performance optimization.
  • Ensures that the performance management system is competently applied to all assigned staff to maximize each individual’s contribution to Methanex.
  • Manage and improve continuously Competency Assurance Program.
  • Involves the team in developing and actioning the annual department plan. Ensures alignment with Methanex USA business plan and Corporate Strategy.
  • Effectively communicate current activities and policies.
  • Contributes to the organizational vision of Global Methanol Leadership and as a team member demonstrates the core values of integrity, trust, respect and professionalism.
  • Conducts all business in a manner which supports the Responsible Care® ethic.
  • Proactively supports all Methanex programs to improve EHS performance.
  • High awareness, review and recommendations for improvement of applicable Methanex policies, procedures and standards.
  • Employee and contractor compliance with applicable Methanex policies, procedures and standards.
  • Effectively manages all incidents within their team.  Ensure timely and effective investigation and completion of all assigned actions.
  • Develops Responsible Care plans as required for Major Maintenance projects.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Maintenance Manager.
  • Networks with other Methanex sites to the mutual benefit of all sites through the participation in Global Teams.
  • Responsible for ensuring awareness of all controlled documents relating to this position as per Document Awareness Report from Document Management Database.
  • Contribute to the ‘operational excellence’ for Methanex USA as an effective member of the Maintenance Department.

Position Qualifications

  • Prefer 10 years’ experience working in a Maintenance Supervisory role, preferably within a Manufacturing environment.
  • Experience with Predictive and Preventative Maintenance Programs, including Root Cause Analysis.
  • Expert understanding of maintenance planning and scheduling systems and processes.
  • Experience with ISO 9000.
  • Experienced in Managing Projects.
  • Experience with implementation of Strategy.
  • Proven effective communicator across a wide range of people groups.
  • Has the flexibility necessary to cope with varied working arrangements which may be required from time to time to meet the needs of the manufacturing operation.
  • Able to set and meet deadlines which can arise at short notice.
  • Aware of the need to maintain customer / supplier relationships both internally and externally.
  • Good at building and maintaining relationships.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Expert user of Microsoft Office products.
  • Seeks innovative solutions.
  • Good team player.
  • Decision-making skills.
  • Learning agility.
  • Self-motivated.
  • Innovative.
  • Flexible.

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