Maintenance Scheduler

Date Posted: September 30, 2019
Closing Date: June 3, 2020
Reports To: Planning and Scheduling Lead
Duration: Full-time

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Position Summary

On a day to day basis, coordinates the scheduling of Maintenance work in conjunction with Maintenance Supervisors, Technicians, the Operations Department and any other relevant stakeholders.

Develops and coordinates scheduling for turnaround activities and execution.

Provides general assistance to the Maintenance department with the use and development of the Methanex USA Computerized Maintenance Management System (Maximo) and the maintenance planning function.

Position Responsibilities

  • Develops short term (weekly) maintenance schedules in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders.
  • Schedule the resources required for the successful execution of maintenance work.
  • Coordinates regular review meetings to ensure there is common understanding and acceptance for planned Maintenance schedules.
  • Ensures maintenance schedules are communicated to all relevant stakeholders.
  • Monitors schedule compliance and adjust as necessary. Ensure any changes are appropriately communicated.
  • Manages the use and development of Maintenance scheduling tools to ensure the process is as efficient and accurate as possible.
  • Develop Primavera (P6) Schedule for Turnaround activities.
  • Leveling of schedule to ensure efficient use of manpower and resources.
  • KPI tracking of scheduled activities (i.e. earn vs burn, S-curves, etc.)
  • Verification of activities completed in the field during turnaround execution.
  • Coordinates with Methanex and contractors to ensure appropriate resourcing.
  • Updates schedules as necessary throughout execution.
  • Tracks the availability of Maintenance staff, contractors and any other critical resources.
  • Ensures Maintenance supervisors are aware of the resources required to carry out the planned maintenance work program.
  • Advises maintenance supervisors where there may be a mismatch between planned work and available resources.
  • Monitors any change in resource availability and adjust schedule accordingly. Ensures any changes are appropriately communicated.
  • Works with the Production Coordinators to ensure plant equipment is available as necessary to complete the designated maintenance schedule.
  • Tracks any changes to nominated plant availability and adjust the schedule as necessary. Ensure any changes are appropriately communicated.
  • Ensures any plant outages for maintenance work are optimized so that all relevant work is identified and completed during a minimum number of events.
  • Develops systems to monitor and record compliance with the planned schedule.
  • Produces both routine and exception reports covering maintenance scheduling issues.
  • Reports schedule compliance issues to Maintenance management. Work with affected parties to resolve.
  • Produces KPI reports on a regular basis and directed by Maintenance management.
  • Updates the CMMS database with changes identified by system users or as a result of plant modifications.
  • Reviews the CMMS database to ensure that it is complete and accurate.  Update where necessary.
  • Identifies opportunities to extend the coverage of the CMMS database.
  • Ensures links between the CMMS and other external systems are maintained.
  • Maintains familiarity with all available CMMS functions and identifies opportunities for the Maintenance dept. to extend its use of the system.
  • Act as a CMMS Subject Matter Expert for the purposes of continuous improvement and testing.
  • Assists with the development of plans, cost estimates and schedules for Maintenance projects and Turnarounds.
  • Work closely with the planners in job plan development
  • Assists with the operation of day to day Maintenance work control and management systems.
  • Develops detailed work schedules in MS Project, or other systems (ex Primavera) for significant maintenance tasks or projects.
  • Contributes to the organizational vision of Global Methanol Leadership and as a team member demonstrates the core values of integrity, trust, respect and  professionalism.
  • Conducts all business in a manner which supports the Responsible Care® ethic.
  • Networks with other Methanex sites to the mutual benefit of all sites.
  • Responsible for ensuring awareness of all controlled documents relating to this position as per Document Awareness Report from Document Management Database.
  • Participates in local and global teams to execute specific projects, or to foster and develop the corporate use of CMMS's.
  • Contribute to the ‘operational excellence' for Methanex USA as an effective member of the Maintenance department.

Position Qualifications

  • Good understanding of chemical processes and process equipment.
  • Experience in working with turnaround schedules.
  • Previous experience in vendor coordination.
  • Expert user of Microsoft Office products.
  • Experienced user of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. Previous Maximo use would be an advantage. Demonstrated knowledge of equipment criticality setting and proper use of relevant data.
  • Previous mechanical maintenance experience.
  • Able to set and meet deadlines which can arise at short notice.
  • Aware of the need to maintain customer / supplier relationships both internally and externally.
  • Previous experience working in an industrial maintenance environment.
  • Able to communicate effectively with a wide cross section of people.
  • Familiarity with work scheduling software such as Microsoft Project or Primavera.
  • Familiarity with Business Intelligence tools and reporting systems.
  • Experienced with Industrial Maintenance practices and systems.

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