About Methanol

Methanol is a clear biodegradable liquid petrochemical made usually from natural gas - though it can be produced from any carbon-based source, including coal, municipal wastes, landfill gas, wood wastes and other sources.

Methanol is used in a number of industrial and consumer products such as plastics and paints, building materials, polyester, and a variety of health and pharmaceutical products. Because it is carbon-based, methanol has applications in the alternative energy sphere and in the biofuels arena. It can also be used as a fuel additive or blended directly into transportation fuels. Other energy applications include dimethyl ether (DME), biodiesel and methanol-to-power. The fastest growing markets for methanol are in the energy sector, which today represents about one third of methanol demand.

Like most chemicals, methanol must be handled and used with care. For more information about methanol safe handling, see our technical and safety information page.


This page was last updated on September 14, 2011.

Methanex and Methanol

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