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Safety and Transparency Go Hand in Hand

Methanex is committed to best in class environmental and safety standards that minimize risk to people, the environment and the communities in every country in which we operate. Responsible Care® is the ethic that guides us in this effort. Developed by the Chemistry Industry Association of Canada (CIAC), Responsible Care forms the umbrella under which we manage all our health & safety, environmental, emergency response, security and community programs. Responsible Care is a risk minimization approach that governs our actions throughout the complete life cycle of our products. Responsible Care is an integral part of the way we do business and we annually publish a Responsible Care and Social Responsibility Report that informs our stakeholders about key initiatives relating to our product, our communities and our customers.

Methanex encourages the safe and proper handling of methanol by employees and customers at all times. Methanex provides technical information and safety data sheets to address important aspects of methanol handling and usage. We also make available physical, chemical and technical information about methanol in our Technical and Safety Documentation which is available in multiple languages. Click on the links below for further information.

Technical & Safety Documentation

Safety Data Sheets (SDS/MSDS) and Extended Safety Data Sheets (ESDS)
(Available in various languages)
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What is Methanol? Safe Handling Information
Available in English, Spanish(Español), Portuguese(Português), Chinese(中文简体), Korean(한국어), Japanese(日本語) and Indonesian(Bahasa Indonesia).
Methanol Facts - Adulterated Alcohol Poisoning: Issue Summary
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Safety Videos and Presentations

  • Methanol Safety for Biodiesel Producers
    (Available in various languages) more »
  • Methanol Safety Video for Vessel Crews
    (Available in various languages) more »
  • Methanol Safety For Plant & Terminal Operators
    (Available in various languages) more »
  • Nitrogen Safety Presentation
    (Available in English) more »
  • Methanol Trainer Presentation
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We continue to develop these materials in additional languages, as needs arise.

Methanex also conducts regular Responsible Care seminars and methanol safety training sessions for audiences interested in enhancing their knowledge of the safe handling of methanol.


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